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At Walton Music Studio we help young minds to truly feel the power of music. In addition to learning the language of music we are also learning life long lessons such as: time management, goal setting, problem solving, creative thinking, and mathematical skills.

Our goal is to not only give students a love for music, but to teach them how to teach themselves. The true joy of piano comes when the student becomes drawn to the keyboard to master a new piece or create a song of their own. These important skills will benefit them for a lifetime!

Piano Instruction

Upon enrollment students will be place into a specific piano level. They will remain in this level for one year as they progress through repertoire, theory assignments, composition assignments, and piano technique all specific to their skills and abilities. Students will also be paired with others students in the same level for special group challenges and duet opportunities.

Private Lessons – Private lessons are 60 minutes. 30 minutes will be Private lesson time, and 30 minutes will be Piano Lab. (Lab will usually take place during another student’s private lesson time). Quarterly group lessons are included and replace the regular lesson for that week.

Keyboard Lab – The Keyboard Labs use state-of-the-art music software to provide supplemental training to students in the following areas:

  • Composition
  • Ear Training
  • Music and Composer History
  • Music Computer Technology
  • Music Theory
  • Rhythm
  • Sight-Reading

Quarterly group lessons- Our weekly piano lessons and piano lab are always fun and energetic, but sometimes students need an alternative atmosphere to enhance learning. Quarterly group lessons offer both performance and ensemble training and are necessary for developing the total musician. Students will attend a class with students in their current level and work together to practice performing for each other and sharpen listening skills. These classes give students an opportunity to meet together and perform for one another on a regular basis.  Attendance will help build  confidence in performing, and help them to be better prepared for recitals and festivals.

For a portion of the group class students will practice duets and ensemble pieces using our weighted keyboard lab. Group classes take place quarterly and replace regular lessons during that specific week.

Piano lessons at Walton Music Studio include:

Fun activities- Students have fun learning theory concepts through games, music technology, and group challenges.

Integrative technology- We use apps that work with the piano to help students with sight reading, note reading, music theory, and rhythms.

Creativity- Students will learn how to play chord progressions, improvise, read lead sheets, and write songs of their own.

Group/Ensemble learning- As students progress on the piano they will be able to play duets and in small groups. Students find great joy in create music with their siblings and friends.

We offer Comprehensive Piano Lessons- a unique blend of private instruction, an ensemble class with other students, and time in our piano keyboard lab

Performance opportunities- Our students perform frequently in studio events, student recitals, and events sponsored by Arizona Music Teachers Association.

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