FAQ- Online lessons

  • Do I need to be present during the online lesson?

This totally depends on the ability of the student. It is extremely helpful for the parent to be present during the lesson. The parent is able to point things out or help students with rhythm and notes, which is very helpful to the teacher. However, after several months of taking lessons online the student is usually able to set it up themselves and go through the entire lesson, without the parent being present.

  • How do we pay for online lessons?

Payment is accepted through Venmo and Paypal. Payment is due by the 1st of the month.

  • Do we participate in piano recitals?

At this time I do not have online recitals for students. However, I encourage families to find a local recital that they can be a part if. Some families also enjoy hosting smaller recitals in their home which local friends and family can attend.

  • What materials do we need to purchase?

Students are required to have a metronome, piano method books, I use a variety of Piano method books including: Piano Adventures, Chordtime Piano, Funtime piano, and Royal Conservatory. I will also email the parent assignments that can be printed from home.

  • How much practice is required?

For beginners at least 5 days a week/ 30 minutes per day, this is the minimum. Intermediate and Advanced student’s it depends on what songs they are currently mastering.

Contact me for further questions and scheduling a trial lesson