FAQ- Studio lessons

  • How does payment work?  An invoice will be sent to the family on the 27th of each month.Payment may then be made through the link on the invoice, or a check can be mailed to the studio manager. An extra 5% discount is given to families who pay for the whole semester during the first week of lessons.
  •  Are the teachers hard?    We love this question because it is what students (and parents) are most curious about when getting a new teacher! All teachers at Walton Music Studio require each student to practice and do their very best to be prepared for lessons. That’s it! The teacher will work with them to find the best practice schedule and help them progress at a pace that works for them.
  • What piano method books do you use?   This depends on the level of the student. The main series most of our teachers use right now is the Piano Adventure series. As teachers we have found that this series helps students progress at the perfect pace while introducing new topics. The songs are fun and students enjoy playing them! Several supplemental music will be added to reinforce learning and provide variety during lessons. Students will also choose other music for their recital pieces.
  • Are students required to participate in a recital? All students are expected to prepare a recital piece and perform in all recitals. If a student is out of town during a recital then I’ll ask the family to organize a home recital so they still have an opportunity to perform! Recitals are a great opportunity for learning and gaining confidence.


  •  What happens if we have to cancel a lesson?  No makeups or refunds are offered. The lessons time slot is scheduled specifically for the student and teachers are dependent upon them showing up on time. Please text me as soon as you know you need to miss a lesson! They will still use this time to prepare lesson material. At the end of each semester there will be a 1 hour performance class held for students who had to miss a class during the semester.re you a hard teacher?

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