Studio policy points

  • Materials are purchased by the parents through Amazon or from a local store.
  • Tuition is paid in 10 equal payments due on or before the 1st of each month.
  • There are no guaranteed makeup lessons for cancellations or no shows.
  • Performances and recitals are a high priority and should be scheduled and attended.


Student books and materials

Student books and music will be chosen by the teacher, with student input.  These materials are emailed to the parent and should be purchased through Amazon or at a local music store as soon as possible. All students are required to have a metronome to use during practice.

Annual Registration Fee

A studio fee of $40 is due annually at the time of registration or by July 1st to reserve studio spot for the following year.  The studio fee includes:

  • Access to the studio lending library
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Recitals
  • Theory games and materials
  • Technology lab materials and upkeep
  • All Student binders, notebooks, and printed materials
  • Use of accompaniment CD’s and disks
  • Subscriptions to online theory and notation programs
  • DOES not include EVMTO events such as music in the mall. Arizona Study Program, or the ensemble concert.

Rescheduling Lessons

In order to be fair to everyone enrolled in our large studio, we are not able to guarantee that missed private lessons be rescheduled.  We do offer the following:

  • Students may participate in a Skype lesson during their regularly scheduled lesson, or the teacher may use lesson time to record an individualized lesson for the student.
  • Students may attend a scheduled group activity in lieu of a missed lesson or activity, if space is available.

Due to their nature, it’s not possible for group activities such as ensemble classes and recitals to be rescheduled or made up.  No show lessons will not be rescheduled.

Lessons cancelled by the instructor will be rescheduled, and may be a group, private, or partner lesson.

Discontinuing Lessons

Every student stops taking lessons at some point and it’s important lessons culminate positively.  Thus, the studio strongly encourages one month’s notice prior to discontinuing lessons.  However, at the discretion of the teacher, students may be asked to discontinue lessons at any time if they have unpaid tuition, an excess amount of absences/unprepared lessons, or if they show a lack of interest or refusal to cooperate during lessons.


Tuition includes lessons, recitals and studio events, and access to the keyboard lab.  Tuition does not include fees for EVMTA events or other events sponsored outside of the studio, such as the Piano Ensemble Concert, or Arizona Study Program registration.

Tuition is due by the 1st of the month and may be paid by check or credit card. All past-due accounts receive a courtesy email and phone call before lesson termination occurs.  Should something come up where you cannot financially fulfill your commitment to your child’s piano lessons, we appreciate and encourage advanced notice and open, ongoing communication.

What does tuition pay for?  Far more than a weekly private lesson! 

  • Teacher experience and training accumulated over a lifetime
  • Continuing education
  • Studio scheduling, planning, communications, administration and organization
  • Trips to the music store, maintaining the studio lending library
  • Instrument acquisition and maintenance
  • Planning and expenses for performances and recitals
  • Preparation and rehearsal time for the Piano Ensemble concert
  • Office supplies, computer lab equipment and software
  • Taxes and insurance, utilities, and much more

Practice: You only have to practice on the days that you eat! Practicing daily is essential to becoming a good pianist. If a student has a 30 minute lessons, a good daily practice session would last at least 20 minutes daily. If a student has a 45 minute lesson, a good daily practice session would last between 45 minutes to an hour.

The more consistent the student practices, the faster they will progress and the more they will enjoy playing the piano!

Substitutions: Walton Music Studio reserves the right to occasionally find a substitute teacher when the regularly scheduled teacher becomes ill or has an emergency in order to keep the scheduled lesson time intact.  Likewise, families with multiple children enrolled may send a substitute sibling to a lesson if the student scheduled becomes sick or has a scheduling conflict.

Drop-off/Pick-up: Prompt drop off and pick up are expected. Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting area and at times may be invited to observe the lesson.

Recitals and Public Performances: Students will be given several opportunities to perform throughout the year. These include; student recitals, master classes, studio recitals, nursing homes, ensemble concert, and occasional competitions.

Summer:  Taking lessons over the summer is a must for a serious piano student. In order to maintain their teacher’s availability for fall, all students are required to register in one of our summer programs.  Should you choose not to participate in a summer session, you will risk losing your lesson time with the teacher.